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Kid Rock bass tabs for Devil without a cause

Bass tabs

Kid Rock
Devil Without a Cause
Bass Tab submitted by bonehead


<1st Riff>
----------------------------------- Repeat a couple of times
-------------0--------------------- then

---------After playing the 1st Riff a couple of times then
-2--0----going to this it goes to the 2nd Riff

<2nd Riff>
-----------------------------------After playing the second
----0-2--0-------------------------Riff a couple of times it
0h2--------2--0h2--0h2-------------goes to the third Riff

<3rd Riff>
----------------------------You play this 2x and then you go
----------------------------back to the 1st Riff and play it
------------------0h2-0-----for the rest of the verse and
0-2-2-2-0-2-0-222-----------for the chorus drop the 2nd pt.
              verse 2 is all the same except
              for the 3rd Riff instead of that
              play this

-----------------I'm not so sure about this pt. but I think
-----------------it's right. Then play the 1st Riff for
--11-------------the rest of the song.

ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'Devil Without A Cause' by Kid Rock, a male hard rock artist from Detroit, USA. Kid Rock was born in 1971. Kid Rock is known for his boisterous rock/pop music.

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