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Wiz Khalifa bass tabs for See you again

Bass tabs

This is my first tab and it was done by ear (as precisely as possible), so any feedback is welcome :)
The chorus sometimes loops the last half at the end, so just play the last two notes.

Tuning: Standard


First variation                   Second Variation
G ----------------|               G ----------------|
D --------1-------|               D --------1-1-----|
A ----1-------1---|               A ----1-------1--0|
E 3---------------|               E 3---------------|

Bridge ("So let the light guide your way")
                                                     Let this note ring out
G ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D ----1-----------|----1-----------|--------1-------|1---------------|
A --------1-------|--------1-------|----1-------1---|----------------|
E 3---------------|3---------------|3---------------|----------------|

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