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Kaiser Chiefs chords and tabs

Kaiser Chiefs tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Kaiser Chiefs. Learn songs like Always Happens Like That, Fly On The Wall, Target Market, Team Mate and We Stay Together easy.

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Song title Type
Always Happens Like ThatBass Tabs
Born To Be A DancerBass Tabs
Born To Be A DancerGuitar Tabs
Bows & ArrowsGuitar Chords
Child Of The JagoGuitar Tabs
Coming HomeGuitar Chords
Coming HomeGuitar Tabs
Don't Get Me WrongGuitar Chords
Don't Just Stand There, Do SomethingGuitar Chords
Electric HeartGuitar Chords
Every Day I Love You Less And LessGuitar Tabs
Everyday I Love You Less And LessGuitar Chords
Everything Is Average NowadaysGuitar Chords
Falling AwakeGuitar Chords
Fly On The WallGuitar Chords
Fly On The WallGuitar Tabs
Golden OldiesGuitar Chords
Half The TruthGuitar Chords
Happen In A HeartbeatGuitar Chords
Hard Times Send MeGuitar Tabs
Hole In My SoulGuitar Chords
I Dare YouGuitar Chords
I Predict A RiotGuitar Chords
I Predict A RiotGuitar Tabs
If You Will Have MeGuitar Chords
Listen To Your HeadGuitar Chords
Lucky ShirtBass Tabs
Na Na Na Na NaGuitar Tabs
Never Miss A BeatGuitar Tabs
Northern HolidayGuitar Chords
Oh My GodGuitar Chords
One More Last SongGuitar Chords
Out Of My DepthGuitar Chords
ParachuteGuitar Chords
People Know How To Love One AnotherGuitar Chords
Record CollectionBass Tabs
Record CollectionGuitar Chords
RubyBass Tabs
RubyGuitar Chords
RubyGuitar Tabs
RubyGuitar Tabs
Sooner Or LaterGuitar Chords
Still WaitingGuitar Chords
Target MarketGuitar Chords
Team MateGuitar Chords
The Factory GatesGuitar Chords
The NerveGuitar Chords
The Only OnesGuitar Chords
Try Your BestGuitar Chords
WaitGuitar Chords
We Stay TogetherGuitar Chords
What Did I Ever Give YouGuitar Tabs