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K.flay chords and tabs

K.flay tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by K.flay. Learn songs like Cant Sleep, Cant Sleep, Four Letter Words, Giver Ukulele and Less Than Zero easy.

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Song title Type
Bad MemoryGuitar Tabs
Bad VibesGuitar Chords
Blood In The CutGuitar Chords
Can't SleepBass Tabs
Can't SleepGuitar Chords
ChampagneGuitar Chords
DnaGuitar Chords
Every Where Is Some Where AlbumGuitar Chords
Four Letter WordsGuitar Chords
GiverGuitar Chords
Giver UkuleleGuitar Chords
Good To DriveGuitar Chords
High EnoughGuitar Chords
Hollywood ForeverGuitar Chords
I Like Myself Most Of The TimeGuitar Chords
Ice CreamGuitar Chords
Less Than ZeroGuitar Tabs
Not In CaliforniaGuitar Chords
Nothing Can Kill UsGuitar Chords
SisterGuitar Chords
SunburnGuitar Chords
TgifGuitar Chords
The President Has A Sex TapeBass Tabs
This Baby Don't CryGuitar Chords