Crocodile Rock by Elton John

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          Elton John/Bernie Taupin
          1972  Dick James Music Ltd.

Pre-Intro- begin slowly - G [4 beats] C/E [2 beats] F# [2 beats]
          - now go to tempo

[Intro] - G  G  Em  Em  C  C  D  D  [see below for riff]

[verse 1]

   G                  Bm
I remember when rock was young...

    C                D
Holding hands and skimmin' stones ...

    G                   Bm
But the biggest kick I ever got  ...

     C                        D
While the other kids were ....

         boppin' to the ....


Em                        A7
Crocodile Rockin' is something ...

D7                 G
I never had me a better ...

E                    A7
Oh, Lawdy mamma those Friday ...

D7                C
the Crocodile Rockin' was out of sight.......................................

G  G  Em  Em  C  C  D  D  [see below for riff]

[verse 2]


[verse 1]


[outro] G  G  Em  Em  C  C  D  D  [see below for riff]

RIFF - if you know how it goes, the extra notes you throw in at the
    appropriate spots are-
    E on the G chord
    F# on the Em and C chords
    G on the D chord [dropping the F#]

BASS - Walk up from the root to the sixth on each 1/4 note, so in each
    bar the notes are-
    G - G B D E
    Em- E G B D
    C - C E G A
    D - D F# A B

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