Club At The End Of The Street by Elton John

Club At The End Of The Street chords by Elton John

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Club At The End Of The Street - Elton John

INTRO: Dsus4 D  Gsus4 G repeat 4 times

D          F#
When the shades are drawn
    G          D
And the light of the moon is banned
And the stars up above
     G         D
Walk the heavens hand in hand
D        F#
There’s a shady place
G             G#/G
At the end of the working day
Where young lovers go
     A7     G  D
And this hot little trio plays

CHORUS  [2 times]
Thats where we meet
Thats where we meet
F#     G
Me and you rendezvous
    A      G     D
In the club at the end of the street

Dsus4 D  Gsus4 G   [repeat 2 times]

From the alleyways
Where the catwalks gently sway
You hear the sound of Otis
And the voice of Marvin Gaye
In this smoky room
There’s a jukebox plays all night
And we can dance real close
Beneath the pulse of a neon light

CHORUS  [2 times]

Dsus4 D  Gsus4 G      [repeat 2 times]

 Em       A7
Theres a downtown smell of cooking
     D      A  G
From the flame on an open grill
     D    A
Theres a sax and a big bass pumping
     Gsus4 ………
Lord have Mercy
         Dsus4 D  Gsus4 G
Ooo You cant sit still
                                  Dsus4 D  Gsus4 G
Ahh You cant sit still

Chorus x 2 but ends on C to B b6m
Dsus4 D Gsus4 G repeat to finish

Transcribed by Asquared

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