Cage The Songbird by Elton John

Cage The Songbird chords by Elton John

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A      G
Sober in the morning light

Things look so much different

      A   A  E
To how they looked last night

A             G
A pale face pressed to an unmade bed

   D              A
Like flags of many nations flying high above her head


A       E
The cellophane still on the flowers

G             D
The telegram still in her hand

A        G
As whispers circulate all day

   D                A
Their back-stage baby princess passed away


    C#m     G#m
And you can cage the songbird

  Bm         F#m
But you can't make her sing

    C#m     G#m
And you can trap the free bird

      Bm        F#m
But you'll have to clip her wings

       E      E7  E    E7
'Cause she'll soar like a hawk when she flies

E     D         E    A
But she'll dive like an eagle when she dies

G   D  D A
Ooh! ooh!


A      G
Promises of no more lies

Fell flat upon an empty stage

      A    E
Before the audience arrived

A            G
A return in time to the cheaper seats

She never knew what lay beneath

Just a dated handbill they found between the sheets


A          E
Let down before the final curtain

G               D
A shallow heart that left her cold

A         G
She left in rouge upon the mirror

     D          A
A circled kiss to the faithful fans who'd miss her


A   G   D   A

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