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Jessie J guitar chords for My shadow

Guitar chords with lyrics

Standard Tuning-- I play ukulele mostly so this is what I got the chord on but
they should be exactly the same for a guitar!! Hope you enjoy!!

E chord diagramEE
Verse 1
D chord diagramDD
  I wish I could have another minute, to finish this fairytale.
E chord diagramEE
  Hear your voice and get lost in it, cause all I got is broken details.
D chord diagramDD
  You were my world and everything in it, so how did you dissappear.
E chord diagramEE
  I wont say it is over, cause youre still here.

E chord diagramEE
Youre my shadow, my shadow, I know youre close
E chord diagramEE
My shadow, my shadow, youre everywhere I go
     E chord diagramEE
So I dont see the need to cry cause, youll never leave my life
   Fm chord diagramFmFm
My shadow, my shadow, oh, Youll never leave me


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