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Jackopierce chords for Vineyard

Guitar chords with lyrics


courtesy of RPBOWEN (rpbowen@unca.com)
             there are two guitars
one: capo on the third fret(all chords given are named as if the fourth
fret was the first, so pretend like there was no capo)start on D-Em(with
fingers on the 1 and 2 string 6th fret (the real 6th fret)-G(with pinky
finger on 6th fret)
the A chord diagramD MajorD chord               the A chord diagramE minorEm chord               the A chord diagramG+G chord
E---5-----                ----6----                  ----8----
B---6-----                ----6----                  ----6----
G---5-----                ----3----                  ----3----
D---3-----                ----5----                  ----3----
A---x-----                ----5----                  ----5----
E---x-----                ----3----                  ----6----
that is one guitar line, do not forget the capo it is impossible to play
without it the "and she said..." part is the same chords just D-Em pause
D-Em pause and the A chord diagramG+G on "hey, hey"
the second guitar is harder to explain all the chords follow the first part
so    I'll just diagram the chords.
these are capo ed on the first fret
E---1-----                ----1----                  ----1----
B---1-----                ----1----                  ----1----
G---2----                 ----3----                  ----7----
D---3----                 ----5----                  ----8----
A---3----                 ----5----                  ----8----
E---1----                 ----1----                  ----1----

I know the form for that last chord is right but I might be a fret or Two
off because I ain't got me guitar here write if you got any  s

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