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Jackopierce chords for March

Guitar chords


   A chord diagramB minorBm        A chord diagramG+G      A chord diagramD MajorD       A chord diagramA augmentedA
e-2-         -3-     -2-     -0-
b-3-         -3-     -3-     -2-
g-4-         -0-     -2-     -2-
d-4-         -0-     -0-     -2-
a-2-         -2-     -0-     -0-
e-2-         -3-     -0-     -0-

 Bm, G, D, A chord diagramA augmentedA

I'm calling the chorus the part that goes "But every generation makes the
It goes Bm,D,A

The strummed part is just like the verse. (Bm,G,D,A)

They finger pick it so just try to pick something out that works.  The

intro is just A chord diagramG+G
and A.

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March (Ver. 2)Chords

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