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Jack Stauber chords and tabs

Jack Stauber tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Jack Stauber. Learn songs like Coconut Ranger, Pumpkin Song Ukulele, Rotten Apple, The Walking Song and Windrag easy.

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Song title Type
6b BabyGuitar Tabs
AbleGuitar Chords
Amateur ReplicateGuitar Chords
At The StoreGuitar Chords
Baby HotlineGuitar Chords
Baby HotlineGuitar Tabs
Baby TeethGuitar Chords
Bacon And EggsGuitar Chords
Bald RainbowGuitar Chords
BeirdGuitar Tabs
Benny Tucker And The AntGuitar Chords
Blessed ActGuitar Chords
BreadGuitar Chords
Bumblebees Are OutGuitar Chords
ButtercupBass Tabs
ButtercupGuitar Chords
ButtercupGuitar Tabs
Buttercup UkuleleGuitar Chords
Candy EyesGuitar Chords
Candy EyesGuitar Intro
CatapultsGuitar Chords
Cheeseburger FamilyBass Tabs
Coconut RangerBass Tabs
Coconut RangerGuitar Chords
CoffeeGuitar Chords
Coffee UkuleleGuitar Chords
CupidGuitar Chords
Cupid UkuleleGuitar Chords
CurlGuitar Chords
DatabendBass Tabs
DeployGuitar Chords
DialtoneGuitar Chords
Dinner Is Not OverGuitar Chords
Dog NightmareBass Tabs
Dog NightmareGuitar Tabs
Dumpster GirlGuitar Chords
Eating On The GoGuitar Chords
Epoch EllipticGuitar Chords
Good Morning BlondieGuitar Chords
I Heard YaGuitar Chords
I Love You Verne TroyerBass Tabs
I Love You Verne TroyerGuitar Tabs
Its AlrightGuitar Chords
Its Benny Worm UkuleleGuitar Chords
IvoryGuitar Chords
John And NancyGuitar Chords
Just Take My WalletGuitar Chords
KeymanGuitar Chords
Keyman ExtendedGuitar Chords
Koi BoyBass Tabs
Koi BoyGuitar Intro
LakeGuitar Chords
LeopardBass Tabs
LeopardGuitar Chords
Little DipperGuitar Chords
MilkBass Tabs
Mr BackwardsGuitar Chords
Ms LedGuitar Chords
OatmealGuitar Chords
Oh KlahomaBass Tabs
Oh KlahomaGuitar Chords
Oh Klahoma UkuleleGuitar Chords
Pad ThaiBass Tabs
Pad ThaiGuitar Chords
PeppermintGuitar Chords
Pumpkin Song UkuleleGuitar Chords
QuicksandGuitar Chords
Rotten AppleGuitar Chords
RunawayGuitar Chords
Small WorldGuitar Chords
SmoothGuitar Chords
Tea ErrorsGuitar Chords
The Ballad Of HamanthaBass Tabs
The Motions Of FunGuitar Chords
The Walking SongGuitar Chords
Today TodayGuitar Chords
TrajectoryGuitar Chords
WindragGuitar Chords