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J Boog chords for Waiting on rain ukulele

Guitar chords with lyrics


Tune and whistle: doo do do doo do do do do doo do do do do doo. (2x)

 Em           C            G        A6
Been through a long road of heartache and pain

 Em       C
Try to heal up the wounds

 G         A6
But this beatin can't be contained no

 Em      C           G        A6
We still talk but it's not the same. (not the same, it's not the same)

 Em        C
Reminisce so much on the past

Can't figure out why this couldnt last, no

 Em     C            G        A6
No more late night talks or rendezvous, (ooo-oo-ooo)

 Em         C           G           A6
It's like an unbearable pain when I don't see you, (you-oo-ooo) no...

 Em     C             G        A6
So damn bad for me, as the only one you cling to

 Em        C         B
Yeah, And right now... I don't know what to do.

Well ohh well

 Em             C         G
You're waiting for the rain to fall, and ya...

Needed help but you wouldn't call, and ya...

 Em              C
Never really been in love before, and never

 G           A6
Realized what your heart was for, so ya...

 Em               C
Gave yourself to folks who just don't care, and yea...

 G             A6
Can find those people everywhere, but ah...

 Em              C
Hold my breathe till' you tear down a wall...

It's like I'm waiting for the rain to fall

 Em      C         G       A6
Me without you just feels insane, (cant do without ya)

 Em              C
I keep pushing for what it was before

 G        A6
Before you hopped up and changed. noo...

 Em    C          G     A6
Memories just floods my brain, (kept thinking bout ya)

 Em         C
How we used to chill and laugh

I thought we were on a spiritual path.



Instrumental with tune and whistle

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