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Incubus tabs for Martini

Guitar tabs with lyrics

I am shocked that this song is not on here yet, so I decided to tab it out, it's pretty simple.

Here are your chords:

  A chord diagramB7B7

Your introduction will have the chords A chord diagramG+G to G7, then A chord diagramD5D5 down a half step to A chord diagramDb5Db5
then you will do the A chord diagramG+G to G7, except this time you go A chord diagramD5D5 to the A chord diagramE7E7 w/ the hammer/pull.
those are your first two bars, repeat as many times necessary before the verse.

Your verse goes B5, E5, C5, B5, B7.  Figure out the rhythm for yourself your not a baby,
you can't figure it out then pick an easier song.

Now, as for the the little transition part into the chorus it's basically based off of
A chord diagramG+G chord, the only thing that changes is the A chord diagramD MajorD note (that's the 3 on the A chord diagramBB string for
of you who are newer players).  It goes like so:


or something like that, listen to it and figure it out yourself you get the general idea.

NOW...for your chorus, the best part
basically, just your intro EXCEPT at the end where Brandon sings "and I'll give you
to cry about." Start at A chord diagramC7C7 (05353x) and half step all the way down to A chord diagramA7A7 (02020x) Once again
the rhythm out yourself, I'm not going to map it out for you like your a baby.

Ever drop your pick in your guitar?  Just happened to me.  :-(

Now for the Rhythm part to the solo, I DON'T know the solo.  If I decide to stop being
and figure it out you'll be the first to know.

A chord diagramA#5A#5
After you play that a few bars, you can jump right back into the chorus until the end...

end on A chord diagramB minorBm

This is just a general idea of how the song goes.  This is kind of a blueprint, if you
any corrections or if your not lazy like I am then post your own tab.  I would genuinely
to see a better version because this is one of my favorites off of their new album, and

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Almost there ...

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