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I Dont Know How But They Found Me chords and tabs

I Dont Know How But They Found Me tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by I Dont Know How But They Found Me. Learn songs like Clusterhug, Door, Lights Go Down Ukulele, Mad Iqs and Nobody Likes The Opening Band easy.

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Song title Type
AbsintheBass Tabs
AbsintheGuitar Chords
Absinthe (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Bleed MagicBass Tabs
Bleed MagicGuitar Chords
Bleed Magic UkuleleGuitar Chords
Boys Don't CryGuitar Chords
ChokeBass Tabs
ChokeGuitar Chords
ChokeGuitar Tabs
Christmas DragBass Tabs
Christmas Drag (Ver2)Bass Tabs
ClusterhugBass Tabs
ClusterhugGuitar Chords
ClusterhugGuitar Tabs
Clusterhug UkuleleGuitar Chords
Do It All The TimeBass Tabs
Do It All The Time UkuleleGuitar Chords
DoorGuitar Chords
Door UkuleleGuitar Chords
From The GallowsBass Tabs
From The GallowsGuitar Chords
From The GallowsGuitar Tabs
From The Gallows UkuleleGuitar Chords
Kiss GoodnightBass Tabs
Kiss GoodnightGuitar Chords
Kiss GoodnightGuitar Tabs
Leave Me AloneBass Tabs
Leave Me AloneGuitar Chords
Lights Go DownGuitar Chords
Lights Go Down UkuleleGuitar Chords
Mad IqsBass Tabs
Mad IqsGuitar Chords
Merry Christmas EverybodyGuitar Chords
Modern Day CainBass Tabs
Modern Day CainGuitar Chords
Mr Sinister UkuleleGuitar Chords
Mr. SinisterGuitar Chords
New InventionGuitar Chords
Nobody Likes The Opening BandGuitar Chords
Nobody Likes The Opening Band UkuleleGuitar Chords
Oh NoelGuitar Chords
Oh Noel UkuleleGuitar Chords
RazzmatazzGuitar Chords
Razzmatazz UkuleleGuitar Chords
Social ClimbBass Tabs
Social ClimbGuitar Chords
Sugar PillsBass Tabs