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I Am Future guitar chords for Sound of praise

Sound Of Praise chords

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Sound Of Praise chords by I Am Future

Guitar chords



F#m chord diagramF#mF#m    E    Bm     D


F#m chord diagramF#mF#m                           E
      We were lost and broken, now we're found and chosen
Bm chord diagramBmBm                                   D
      Our lives lift up the sound of praise
F#m chord diagramF#mF#m                              E
      We have found your freedom, now all for you we're living
Bm chord diagramBmBm                                   D
      Our lives lift up the sound of praise


             A chord diagramAA                               E
This is the sound of salvation, this is the sound of liberty
            F#m chord diagramF#mF#m                              D
This is the sound of your church rising, for all the earth to see
             A chord diagramAA                                 E
This is the sound of your people, giving their all to follow you
             G chord diagramGG                  D
This is the sound, this is the sound, the sound of praise

Verse 2

F#m chord diagramF#mF#m                        E
      Unified we praise you, the gathered voice of freedom
Bm chord diagramBmBm                                   D
      Our lives lift up the sound of praise
F#m chord diagramF#mF#m                         E
      We will not be silent, we stand for love and justice
Bm chord diagramBmBm                                   D
      Our lives lift up the sound of praise


        F#m                 D                A                 E
We will let your praise be heard, in all the earth, in all the earth

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