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Hüsker Dü guitar chords for Shes a woman

Guitar chords with lyrics

{Title: She's A chord diagramAA Woman (And Now He Is A chord diagramAA Man)}
{St: Grant Hart, Husker Du}
# This is strictly MY version of this song. The D chord diagramDD chord is not right, I guess
# a G chord diagramGG would be more correct, but I kinda like the D chord diagramDD anyway.
# Also there is a short intro (D chord diagramDD-C chord diagramCC-G chord diagramGG?), but I have never bothered to play it
# myself, so I leave it out.....
# Steinar Sande,
[G chord diagramGG]I can see her loading [C chord diagramCC]boxes in my [G chord diagramGG]mind
Into a Belvedere with a [C chord diagramCC]trailer pulled be[F chord diagramFF]hind [D chord diagramDD]
Well, [G chord diagramGG]things didn't go ex[C chord diagramCC]actly as they [G chord diagramGG]planned
[F chord diagramFF]She's a woman and [C chord diagramCC]now he is a [G chord diagramGG]man

There's a vacancy between them every day
And a sense of guilt that's not going away
When they get older perhaps they'll understand
She's a woman and now he is a man

And [F chord diagramFF]now he's into [C chord diagramCC]something that her [G chord diagramGG]heart can not forgive
She's [F chord diagramFF]saying to her[C chord diagramCC]self "No, this is [G chord diagramGG]not the way to live"
He'll [F chord diagramFF]never listen [C chord diagramCC]to her 'cause his [G chord diagramGG]mind is like a sieve
Oh [F chord diagramFF]brother, oh brother, I'm [C chord diagramCC]telling your sister
[D chord diagramDD] No way can I resist her

With a guilty feeling hangin' in their brain
And the two of them are potentially insane
Well, they've had enough which is more than they can stand

Almost there ...

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