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Hüsker Dü guitar tabs for Charity chastity

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Song - Charity, Chastity, Prudence and Hope
On   - Warehouse Songs and Stories
By   - Husker Du  ( Grant Hart )

     D chord diagramDD
E chord diagramEE  --2----------------------
B chord diagramBB  --3----------------------
G chord diagramGG  --2----------------------
D chord diagramDD  --0---2------------------
A chord diagramAA  ---------2---------------
E chord diagramEE  -------------------------

the above is played for the intro and most of the song, Play the D chord diagramDD a couple
of times and then play the two notes, listen to the record and you'll get
the idea.  The lyrics are on the record sleeve, im too lazy too post them

if anyone knows the other bits of the song, please post them, ta

comments etc, always welcome

Ryan Johnstone (RNJ@ELAN.CO.UK)

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