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Johnny Horton chords for Ole slew foot

Guitar chords


Recorded by Johnny Horton
Words and music by Jay Webb

[A chord diagramA augmentedA] High on the mountain, ...
Bear tracks, ...[A chord diagramD MajorD] lookin' ...[A chord diagramA augmentedA] me
Better get your rifle ...
'Cause a bear's got a ...[A chord diagramD MajorD] headed ...[A chord diagramA augmentedA] gate.
He's [A chord diagramE MajorE] big around the ...[A chord diagramA augmentedA] broad ...
Runnin' [A chord diagramE MajorE] ninety ...[A chord diagramA augmentedA] thirty feet ...
Ain't never been caught, he ain't ...
Some folks ....[A chord diagramD MajorD] lot l... [A chord diagramA augmentedA] me.

I saved up my mon' and I bought ....


Winter's comin' on and it's twenty ...


Note.  Johnny Horton - The 🏷Legend
       1975 Columbia House 2P-6418

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