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The Hooters tabs for Satellite

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Hi, there. Hans Steissberger requested some Hooters tunes a while ago, and I
thought I might send this one in. Get yourself hooked up with a keyboard player
to play this one, 'cause it's the keyboards that really makes this song. And as
always: keep in mind that I do not claim to have perfect pitch. This is how I
play this song, and if you can do it better, great! Let me know, OK!:)

                                           Chord Voicings:
|-Play this part 4 times-----------|
 < >=natural harmonics                   A chord diagramG5G5    C(sus2)  A chord diagramD5D5     A chord diagramG/BG/B
|------------------|---------------|   3x0033  x3x033 xx023x x20033
|------------------|-slight vib. w-|
|-<12>---------<7>-|--~~~~~~~ bar.-|

Two guitars here(at least). It's quite hard to discern what git2 really is
doing since it is quite low in the mix. It should be quite similar to what the
bass is doing though, so strum the indicated chords in a rhythm that works with
the bassline.

Git2 A chord diagramG5G5             A chord diagramD5D5             A chord diagramG5G5              A chord diagramD MajorD|
     |              |               |
Git1              s                              s

C(sus2)  A chord diagramG/BG/B   A chord diagramG5G5   A chord diagramD5D5
  |       |     |   |                             Before chorus, play
                  s               Git 1&2         fill 1.
                                                      slight p.m
 Chorus.                                        fill1   |-----|
 Well, the guitars are even harder to hear in   |-3---3333-3-3-|
 the chorus than in the verse. The chords should|-3---3333-3-3-|
 be right, so just strum them in a way that     |-0---0000-0-0-|
 sounds rhythmically right.                     |-0---0000-0-0-|

                                                              first time
 Git 1&2       Git1                            Git 1&2       |-------------|
              |Git2                           |             |-second time--||
              |-------------------------------|             |-3-------------|
              |-~~~------------~~~------------|             |-3-------------|
              |-2--2-4-2-0-----2--2-4-2-0-----|             |-0-------------|
              |------------4-0------------4-0-|             |-0-------------|
              |-------------------------------|             |---------------|
              |-------------------------------|             |-3-------------|

Then there is another verse, another chorus and the accordion solo. During
the solo, play the verse rhythm. After that it breaks down into an interlude,
during which the same thing as in the intro is played. Then, right before the

chorus, this is played:

|-----------------|-3---------|   Then the chorus is played a coupple of times
|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|-3---------|   before the intro figure is played again.

The last thing played is this:


There. I hope that makes some sense, at least. If something is unclear, if you
like the TAB, if you hate the TAB, or if you have anything at all you would
like me to know, then mail me.


There. You might want to attach that to the TAB...? Anyway, youre doing a great
thing with that archive, so keep it up, and thanks for writing!

ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Satellite' by The Hooters, Hooters, a rock band formed in 1980 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The Hooters is known for their gritty rock/pop music.

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