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It Doesn't Matter Anymore by Buddy Holly

It Doesn't Matter Anymore chords by Buddy Holly

Chords with lyrics

It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Paul Anka

Chord diagramG+G
There you go and baby....
     Chord diagramD MajorD
Well, you left me here so ...
   Chord diagramG+G
Well, golly gee, ...
 Chord diagramD7D7             Chord diagramG+G
I guess it ...

Do you remember baby, last ....

Chord diagramE minorEm           Chord diagramG+G
There's no use ...
Chord diagramD7D7  Chord diagramG+G          Chord diagramD7D7 Chord diagramG+G
I've done everything ....
   Chord diagramA7A7
I've thrown ...
Chord diagramA7A7           Chord diagramD7D7|D7|Chord diagramD7D7|D7
Wasted all my ...

Chord diagramG+G
Now you go your ...
Chord diagramD7D7
Now and forever till ...
     Chord diagramG+G
I'll find somebody new ...
  Chord diagramD7D7           Chord diagramG+G|Chord diagramG MajorG
And you won't matter .....

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It doesn't matter anymore (Ver. 2)Chords

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