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Hole chords for Miss world

Guitar chords with lyrics

Album:Live through this

The Chords of the intro and outro are: A chord diagramG+G A chord diagramD MajorD A chord diagramFF A chord diagramC majorC

its some fingerpicking,you can get it when you take a listen to the record,
i dont know if the unplugged version is played the same way)

Courtney changes the lyrics nearly every tour,the time after Kurts death she
sung 'I am the girl you know the one who should have died' wierd,huh !!

have fun,its a great song and I would be the first to thank Courtney when
she stopped the idiotic-Bastard-thing and did a new HOLE album.


ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Miss World' by Hole, an alternative rock band formed in 1989 from Los Angeles, USA. They retired in 2012. Hole was known for their happy rock/pop music.

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