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Hole tabs for I think that i might die

Guitar tabs with lyrics

I Think That I Might Die - Live Through This

Have fun with this. The song is four chords, I think..
Main Riff:
  A chord diagramA#A#       A chord diagramBB       A chord diagramG+G

Pick it that way.. then strum the hell out of those chords for the chorus..

I have no idea what the "Rose wine, rose red" part is, since I can't really
make out any guitar, but it sounded like a A chord diagramD MajorD power chord to me, with maybe a
A chord diagramC majorC power chord in there somewhere..


This is the second song where milk is a predominant theme in the song, and
like the third with a baby theme.. Francis Bean wouldn't have anything do
with this would she? nahh.. :)

oh shit, I just realized after already sending 4 Hole tabs to Nevada that
Courtney was on the net.. I hope she gets a laugh out of these.. ;)

Paul Scheidt / Fate Grinder - wzombie@netcom.com

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