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Credit In The Straight World by Hole

Credit In The Straight World tab by Hole

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Credit in the Straight World - Live Through This

the bass plays open Chord diagramE MajorE and the guitar plays Chord diagramE MajorE (7th fret 5th string), but it
sounds like strings to me..

One chord progression here, but to make up for it, <gasp> Chord diagramA augmentedA SOLO! well, as
close as Hole gets to one..

  Chord diagramE MajorE   Chord diagramA#A#  Chord diagramF#F#  Chord diagramC majorC
-----------------     Start out palm muting this.. then play it distorted..
-----------------     and sometimes just palm mute the Chord diagramE MajorE power chord..
------3-------5--     also, there's an Chord diagramA augmentedA thrown in the chorus'.. listen to
--2---3---4---5--     the song to get the rhythm and order..

first part is on the 4th string, and something like this:

play that 3 times then play this on the 5th string:
and put a huge amount of feedback in the last part..


I hope this TAB was vague enough for you.. :)

Paul Scheidt / Fate Grinder - [email protected]

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