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Hole chords and tabs

Hole tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Hole. Learn songs like Awful, Boys On The Radio, Hit So Hard, Jennifers Body and The Void easy.

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Song title Type
Asking For ItBass Tabs
Asking For ItGuitar Chords
Asking For ItGuitar Tabs
Asking For It (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Asking For It UnpluggedGuitar Chords
AwfulGuitar Chords
AwfulGuitar Tabs
Awful (Ver2)Guitar Chords
BabydollGuitar Tabs
Be A ManGuitar Chords
Beautiful SonGuitar Chords
Beautiful SonGuitar Tabs
BerryBass Tabs
BerryGuitar Chords
Best Sunday DressBass Tabs
Best Sunday DressGuitar Chords
Boys On The RadioGuitar Chords
Burn BlackGuitar Chords
Celebrity SkinBass Tabs
Celebrity SkinGuitar Chords
Celebrity SkinGuitar Tabs
Celebrity Skin (Ver2)Bass Tabs
CloudsGuitar Tabs
Credit In The Straight WorldGuitar Tabs
Credit In The Straight World (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
DicknailGuitar Chords
Doll PartsBass Tabs
Doll PartsGuitar Chords
Doll PartsGuitar Tabs
Doll Parts (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Doll Parts (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
DragGuitar Chords
Drag (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Drown SodaGuitar Tabs
Drown Soda (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
DyingGuitar Tabs
For Once In Your LifeGuitar Chords
Forming/hot Chocolate BoyGuitar Tabs
Garbage ManGuitar Chords
Garbage ManGuitar Tabs
Gold Dust WomanBass Tabs
Gold Dust WomanGuitar Chords
Gold Dust WomanGuitar Tabs
Good Sister Bad SisterGuitar Tabs
GutlessBass Tabs
GutlessGuitar Chords
Happy Ending StoryGuitar Chords
He Hit MeGuitar Chords
He Hit MeGuitar Tabs
Heaven TonightGuitar Chords
Hit So HardGuitar Chords
Hit So Hard AcousticGuitar Chords
HoneyGuitar Chords
HoneyGuitar Tabs
Hungry Like A WolfBass Tabs
Hungry Like The WolfGuitar Chords
I Think That I Might DieGuitar Tabs
I Think That I Would DieGuitar Chords
I Think That I Would DieGuitar Tabs
I Think That I Would Die (Ver2)Guitar Chords
I'm So HighGuitar Chords
Jennifers BodyBass Tabs
Jennifers BodyGuitar Chords
Jennifers BodyGuitar Tabs
Jenniffers BodyGuitar Chords
Just Do It Black DayGuitar Tabs
Letter To GodGuitar Chords
MalibuGuitar Chords
Malibu AcousticGuitar Chords
Miss WorldBass Tabs
Miss WorldGuitar Chords
Mr JonesGuitar Tabs
Mrs JonesGuitar Tabs
Never Go HungryGuitar Chords
Nobodys DaughterGuitar Chords
Nobodys DaughterGuitar Tabs
Northern StarGuitar Chords
Northern StarGuitar Tabs
Old AgeGuitar Chords
Old Age (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Old Age UnpluggedGuitar Chords
Original SinGuitar Chords
Over The EdgeGuitar Chords
Over The EdgeGuitar Tabs
PetalGuitar Chords
Phonebill SongGuitar Chords
Playing Your SongGuitar Chords
PlumpBass Tabs
PlumpGuitar Chords
PlumpGuitar Tabs
Plump (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Pretty On The InsideGuitar Chords
Pretty On The InsideGuitar Tabs
Pretty On The Inside (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Reasons To Be BeautifulGuitar Chords
Reasons To Be BeautifulGuitar Tabs
Reasons To Be Beautiful (Ver2)Guitar Tabs