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Susanna Hoffs chords and tabs

Susanna Hoffs tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Susanna Hoffs. Learn songs like All I Need, Enormous Wings, November Sun, Sleep and True easy.

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Song title Type
All I NeedGuitar Chords
All I WantGuitar Chords
Always EnoughGuitar Chords
As It Falls ApartGuitar Chords
Beekeepers BluesGuitar Chords
Enormous WingsGuitar Chords
Holding My BreathGuitar Chords
JealousGuitar Chords
November SunGuitar Chords
One DayGuitar Chords
SleepGuitar Chords
This Is The PlaceGuitar Chords
TrueGuitar Chords
Unconditional LoveGuitar Chords