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The Hives bass tabs for Walk idiot walk

Bass tabs with lyrics

Walk Idiot Walk
by The Hives
Bass Tab By Six_String_Bass
I tried to tab the guitar part, but it's
harder than I thought. so, I thought that
I'd tab the bass part for now. It's a
pretty basic, but cool bass line.

verse/main bass line

play the line above for most of the song exept
for when the singer sings: "they say this is
all I need to get by...." you play:


these are the only lines you play during the song.
just play the lines when the bassist does.

Any questions, comments or corrections,
feel free to e-mail me at musicslave_1400@hotmail.com


- Music_slave
ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'Walk Idiot Walk' by The Hives, a punk rock band formed in 1993 from Fagersta, Sweden. The Hives is known for their theatrical rock/pop music.

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