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The Hives chords for Declare guerre nucleaire

Declare Guerre Nucleaire chords by The Hives

The Hives chords for Declare guerre nucleaire


Song title: Declare Guerre Nuclaire
as it appears on: Veni Vidi Vicious

tabbed by Fabian Rost ([email protected])

intro (played very slow):

Chord diagramE MajorE||----------------------|--------------------|------------------|
Chord diagramBB||----------------------|--------------------|------------------|
Chord diagramG+G||--9---------7---------|--5--------4--------|------------------|
Chord diagramD MajorD||--9----9----7----7----|--5--------4--------|------------------|
Chord diagramA augmentedA||--7----9----5----7----|--3--------2--------|------------------|
Chord diagramE MajorE||-------7---------5----|--------------------|------------------|

main riff (played all the time):

Chord diagramE MajorE||------------------------|-------------------------||
Chord diagramBB||------------------------|-------------------------||
Chord diagramG+G||-------9----------------|-------14----------------||
Chord diagramD MajorD||--2----9----5--2--5--6--|--7----14----9--9--9--7--||
Chord diagramA augmentedA||--2----7----5--2--5--6--|--7----12----9--9--9--7--||
Chord diagramE MajorE||--0---------3--0--3--4--|--5----------7--7--7--5--||

you should get the breaks easiely by listening. just let the guitar ring

corrections or comments welcome
ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Declare Guerre Nucleaire' by The Hives, a punk rock band formed in 1993 from Fagersta, Sweden. The Hives is known for their theatrical rock/pop music.

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