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Hindu Ringo chords for I and you

Guitar chords

Here we go... the first Hindu Ringo guitar tab... I'll do my best

Hindu Ringo-Such An Englishman

I and You
(Words and music by Mark Bates)

the verse is real easy:

the chorus and solo are just:

just follow the tape, and you'll have no problem.
If you want a copy, just mail to BAT0056156@ACAD.SUFFOLK.EDU
or... HRingo@nebula.keene.edu

the words:

I'll sleep under the ....

You..you're making me ....



I'll cut open all my ...


*p.s. one small part I forgot...after the chorus there is a
little "breakdown" all it is is A chord diagramE minorEm
I'll try to get the solo later.

Almost there ...

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