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H.I.M. chords and tabs

H.I.M. tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by H.I.M.. Learn songs like Funeral Of Hearts, Lose You Tonight, Salt In Our Wounds, Vampire Heart and Your Sweet 666 easy.

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Song title Type
Acoustic Funeral For Love In Limbo AcousticGuitar Tabs
AgainGuitar Tabs
All Lips Go BlueGuitar Chords
And Love Said NoGuitar Chords
And Love Said NoGuitar Tabs
BeautifulGuitar Chords
Beyond RedemptionGuitar Tabs
Bleed WellGuitar Chords
Bleed WellGuitar Tabs
Buried Alive By LoveGuitar Tabs
Bury Me Deep Inside Your HeartGuitar Chords
Bury Me Deep Inside Your HeartGuitar Tabs
Cyanide SunGuitar Chords
Death Is In Love With UsGuitar Chords
Disarm Me With Your LonelinessGuitar Chords
Don't Close Your HeartGuitar Tabs
Drawn And QuarteredGuitar Chords
Drawn And QuarteredGuitar Tabs
Dying SongGuitar Chords
Dying SongGuitar Tabs
Dying Song AcousticGuitar Chords
Endless DarkGuitar Chords
For YouGuitar Tabs
For You AcousticGuitar Chords
Funeral Of HeartsGuitar Chords
Funeral Of HeartsGuitar Tabs
Funeral Of Hearts AcousticGuitar Chords
Funeral Of Hearts AcousticGuitar Tabs
Gone With The SinBass Tabs
Gone With The SinGuitar Chords
Gone With The SinGuitar Tabs
Gone With The Sin SoloGuitar Tabs
Heartache Every MomentBass Tabs
Heartache Every MomentGuitar Chords
Heartache Every MomentGuitar Tabs
Heartache Every Moment AcousticGuitar Chords
HeartkillerGuitar Tabs
Heartkiller AcousticGuitar Chords
HeartlessGuitar Chords
Hearts At WarBass Tabs
I Love YouGuitar Tabs
I Will Be The End Of YouGuitar Tabs
I Will Be The End Of You AcousticGuitar Chords
In Joy And SorrowGuitar Chords
In Joy And Sorrow AcousticGuitar Chords
In The Arms Of RainGuitar Chords
In The Nightside Of EdenBass Tabs
In Venera Veritas AcousticGuitar Chords
Into The NightBass Tabs
Into The NightGuitar Chords
Its All TearsGuitar Chords
Its All Tears AcousticGuitar Tabs
Join MeGuitar Chords
Join Me In DeathGuitar Chords
Join Me In DeathGuitar Tabs
Join Me In Death AcousticGuitar Chords
Katherine WheelGuitar Tabs
Killing LonelinessGuitar Tabs
Kiss Of DawnGuitar Tabs
Like St ValentineGuitar Chords
Lose You TonightGuitar Chords
Lose You TonightGuitar Tabs
Love The Hardest WayGuitar Tabs
Love Without TearsGuitar Chords
Love You Like I DoGuitar Chords
Loves RequiemBass Tabs
Loves Requiem AcousticGuitar Chords
Ode To SolitudeGuitar Chords
One Last TimeGuitar Chords
Play DeadBass Tabs
Play Dead AcousticGuitar Chords
Poison GirlBass Tabs
Poison GirlGuitar Chords
PretendingGuitar Chords
PretendingGuitar Solo
Razorblade KissBass Tabs
Resurrection AcousticGuitar Chords
Right Here In My ArmsBass Tabs
Right Here In My ArmsGuitar Chords
Right Here In My ArmsGuitar Tabs
Rip Out The Wings Of A ButterflyGuitar Intro
Rip Out The Wings Of A ButterflyGuitar Tabs
Salt In Our WoundsBass Tabs
Salt In Our WoundsGuitar Chords
Scared To DeathGuitar Tabs
Shatter Me With Hope AcousticGuitar Chords
Solitary ManGuitar Chords
Song Or SuicideGuitar Tabs
Soul On FireGuitar Tabs
Strange WorldGuitar Chords
Sweet 666Bass Tabs
Sweet PandemoniumGuitar Tabs
Tears On TapeBass Tabs
Tears On TapeGuitar Chords
The Funeral Of HeartsGuitar Tabs
The Heartless AcousticGuitar Chords
The PathGuitar Tabs