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Lauryn Hill tabs for Just ike water

Guitar tabs

Title:        Just like water
Album:        MTV unplugged
Tab writer:   Felelep

I foud theses tabs for this song on many sites but the main part is not
quite what it should be so even if I'm a begginer I thought few corrections
would be welome...

E--7--------7-------7  _7/9--9--10--10--9
B----7-------7-----7-  _---8--8---8---8--
G-----8-9--8--8-9-8--  _----9--9---9---9- x bis
D---------9----------  _-----------------
A--------------------  _7---------------7
D--7--------7--------  _-----------------

With this you can play 90% of the song! and it's the most difficult part!!!

if you find any errors in this tabs contact me at philippe@comatex.ch

Almost there ...

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