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Milk Shakin Momma by Dan Hicks

Chords with lyrics

Milk Shakin' Momma   Dan Hicks  Key of Chord diagramC majorC  notes below
    [email protected]

  Chord diagramCbCb  Chord diagramC majorC           Chord diagramCbCb   Chord diagramC majorC
  I sat ..
  Chord diagramCbCb   Chord diagramC majorC             Chord diagramC7C7
  When I ...

       Chord diagramFF         F,E,F
 * I ...
      Chord diagramC majorC        C,Cb,C
  Saw ..
       Chord diagramG+G              G,F#,F
  I ..
                 Chord diagramC majorC
  And ...

  She said"..
  And ..
   Chord diagramFF
 CH: Raspberry ...
  Chord diagramC majorC
  Even ..
  Chord diagramFF
  Marishino ..
  Chord diagramC majorC
  Bananas ..
    Chord diagramFF
  And ..
     Chord diagramC majorC
  As I ..
       Chord diagramG+G
  She's the ..
  Chord diagramFF              Chord diagramC majorC
  And I ..

  Chord diagramC majorC
  Luckily ..
  Chord diagramC majorC
  Later ..

  That's ..
  She's ..
c,a7 f,       f#dim  c    a
  Next ...
  d7      g      c
  Try the ..
  It ...   etc......      * ejl33@delphi=
.com *

   I'm not really sure which diminished chord this is, it looks lik=
e this
    x o
    =DA=C4=C2=C4=C2=C4=C2=C4=C2=C4=BF   =DA=C4=C43=C4=C4=C4=
=C4=C4  I play the Chord diagramCbCb by simply moving all fingers
    =B3 =B3 1 1 1 1   =C3=C4=C41=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4  down one fre=
t.(lift the 1st finger) then
    =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=B4   =C3=C4=C42=C4=C4=C4=
=C4=C4  slide up. Same with the Fb,
    =B3 =B3 =B3 2 =B3 3   =C3=C4=C41=C4=C4=C4=C4
    =C3=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=C5=C4=B4   =C3=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=
=C4=C4  If you have problems understanding this,
    =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3   =C0=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4=C4  pl=
ease let me know how I can do it better.
   I barre the first fret

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