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Hermans Hermits chords for No milk today

Guitar chords with lyrics

NO MILK TODAY (Hermans Hermits)
A chord diagramE MajorE ----------------0-0---3-5-5----
A chord diagramBB ------0-1-1---3-1-1---0-5-5----
A chord diagramG+G 2-2---1-2-2---0-2-2---0-5-5----
A chord diagramD MajorD --------------2-2-2---2-7-7----
A chord diagramA augmentedA ----------------0-0---2-7-7----
A chord diagramE MajorE ----------------------3-5-5----

  [A chord diagramA minorAm]No milk today, my [A chord diagramC majorC]love is gone away.
  The [A chord diagramE MajorE]bottle stands for[A chord diagramA minorAm]lorn, a [A chord diagramE MajorE]symbol of the [A chord diagramA minorAm]dawn.
  No milk today, it [A chord diagramC majorC]seems a common sight,
  But [A chord diagramE MajorE]people passing [A chord diagramA minorAm]by don't [A chord diagramE MajorE]know the reason [A chord diagramA minorAm]why.

  [A chord diagramA augmentedA]How could they know just [A chord diagramG+G]what this message means,
  The [A chord diagramD MajorD]end of all my hopes, the end of [A chord diagramE MajorE]all my [A chord diagramA augmentedA]dreams,
  How could they know, a [A chord diagramG+G]palace there had been,
  [A chord diagramD MajorD]behind the door where my love [A chord diagramE MajorE]reigned as [A chord diagramA augmentedA]queen.

  [A chord diagramA minorAm]No milk today, it [A chord diagramC majorC]wasn't always so,
  The [A chord diagramE MajorE]company was [A chord diagramA minorAm]gay, we [A chord diagramE MajorE]turn'd night into [A chord diagramA minorAm]day.

[A chord diagramA augmentedA]  But all that's [A chord diagramE MajorE]left is a [A chord diagramD MajorD]place dark and [A chord diagramE MajorE]lonely
[A chord diagramA augmentedA]  A chord diagramA augmentedA terraced [A chord diagramE MajorE]house in a [A chord diagramD MajorD]mean street back of town
[A chord diagramA augmentedA]  Becomes a [A chord diagramE MajorE]shrine when I [A chord diagramD MajorD]think of you [A chord diagramE MajorE]only
  [A chord diagramD MajorD]Just two up two [A chord diagramE MajorE]down.

  No milk today, it wasn't always so,
  The company was gay, we turn'd night into day.
  As music played the faster did we dance
  We felt it both at once, the start of our romance.

  How could they know just what this message means,
  The end of all my hopes, the end of all my dreams,
  How could they know, a palace there had been,
  behind the door where my love reigned as queen.

  No milk today, my love is gone away.
  The bottle stands forlorn, a symbol of the dawn.

  But all that's left is a place dark and lonely
  A chord diagramA augmentedA terraced house in a mean street back of town
  Becomes a shrine when I think of you only
  Just two up two down.

{ci: from the beginning - fades on the first two lines of chorus}

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