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Jimi Hendrix bass tabs for Hey joe

Bass tabs

You don’t really have to bend all the notes that are marked. It sounds nice
if you do it now and again. It also sounds good if you change it to <5th
fret, 2nd string> once or twice


G ------7------7---------------------
D -7--9---7--9---9-------------------
A -----------------------------------
E -----------------------------------

Part 1 (b=bend):

G -5---5---4-5---7---7--------------------------------------------
D -------5-------------7------------------------------------------
A -----------------------4-5-6--7-7-7---5---b5--7-7-7---5---b5----
E ------------------------------------7---7-----------7---7-------

Part 2 (b=bend):

G -5--------4-5-6-7---------6-7-8----------------------------------
D --2-3-4-5---------4-5-6-7----------------------------------------
A ---------------------------------7-7-7---5---b5--7-7-7---5---b5--
E ---------------------------------------7---7-----------7---7-----

The whole song goes:
a) Part1 x 10
b) Part2 x 1
c) Part1 x 3
d) Part2 x 1
e) Part1 x 1
f) Part2 x 1 (fade out)

ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'Hey Joe' by Jimi Hendrix, James Marshall Hendrix, a male rock artist from Seattle, USA. Jimi Hendrix was born in 1942. He passed away in 1970. Jimi Hendrix was known for his high rock/pop music.

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