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Jimi Hendrix chords and tabs

Accurate guitar tabs and chords by Jimi Hendrix
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Jimi Hendrix. Learn songs like Cocaine, Fire, Freedom, Machine Gun and Voodoo Child easy.

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Song title Type
1986 A Merman I Should Turn To BeGuitar Chords
51st AnniversaryBass Tabs
51st Anniversary (Ver2)Bass Tabs
A MermanGuitar Tabs
Ain T No TellingBass Tabs
All Along The WatchowerGuitar Solo
All Along The WatchowerGuitar Tabs
All Along The Watchower AcousticGuitar Chords
All Along The Watchower Intro UkuleleGuitar Chords
All Along The WatchtowerBass Tabs
All Along The WatchtowerGuitar Chords
All Along The WatchtowerGuitar Tabs
American WomanGuitar Tabs
AngelBass Tabs
AngelGuitar Chords
AngelGuitar Tabs
Angel AcousticGuitar Chords
Angel Little Wing VersionGuitar Tabs
Are You ExperiencedBass Tabs
Are You ExperiencedGuitar Chords
Are You Experienced (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Axis Bold As LoveGuitar Chords
Belly Button WindowGuitar Chords
Bleeding HeartBass Tabs
Bleeding HeartGuitar Tabs
Bold As LoveGuitar Chords
Bold As Love (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Born Under A Bad SignBass Tabs
Born Under A Bad SignGuitar Tabs
Burning Of The Midnight LampGuitar Tabs
Castles Made Of SandBass Tabs
Castles Made Of SandGuitar Tabs
Catfish BluesGuitar Tabs
ChangesGuitar Tabs
Cherokee JamGuitar Tabs
Cherokee MistGuitar Intro
CocaineGuitar Intro
Come OnGuitar Tabs
Crash LandingGuitar Intro
Crosstown TrafficBass Tabs
Crosstown TrafficGuitar Chords
Crosstown TrafficGuitar Tabs
Dolly DaggerGuitar Tabs
DriftingGuitar Chords
Electric LadylandGuitar Chords
Ezy RiderGuitar Chords
Ezy RiderGuitar Tabs
FireBass Tabs
FireGuitar Tabs
Fire (Ver 13)Bass Tabs
Fire1Guitar Tabs
FirepileGuitar Chords
FirepileGuitar Tabs
Foxey LadyGuitar Chords
Foxy LadyBass Tabs
Foxy LadyGuitar Chords
Foxy LadyGuitar Tabs
FreedomBass Tabs
Gypsy EyesGuitar Tabs
Hear My Train A CominGuitar Tabs
Hey BabyBass Tabs
Hey BabyGuitar Tabs
Hey Gypsy BoyGuitar Tabs
Hey JoeBass Tabs
Hey JoeGuitar Chords
Hey JoeGuitar Tabs
Hey Joe (Ver 2)Bass Tabs
Hey Joe (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Hey Joe (Ver3)Guitar Chords
Hey Joe UkuleleGuitar Chords
Hound Dog AcousticGuitar Tabs
Hush NowGuitar Tabs
I Don't Live TodayBass Tabs
I Don't Live TodayGuitar Tabs
If 6 Was 9Guitar Tabs
Johnny B GoodeBass Tabs
Killing FloorGuitar Tabs
Killing Floor (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Like A Rolling StoneBass Tabs
Like A Rolling StoneGuitar Chords
Like A Rolling Stone LiveGuitar Tabs
Little Miss LoverGuitar Tabs
Little WingBass Tabs
Little WingGuitar Chords
Little WingGuitar Intro
Little WingGuitar Solo
Little WingGuitar Tabs
Little Wing (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Long Hot Summer NightsGuitar Tabs
Machine GunBass Tabs
Machine GunGuitar Intro
Manic DepressionBass Tabs
Manic DepressionGuitar Tabs
May This Be LoveGuitar Chords
Message Of LoveGuitar Tabs
MidnightGuitar Tabs
National AnthemGuitar Tabs