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Heart chords for Black on black

Chords with lyrics

A chord diagramGbGb    A chord diagramAbAb   A chord diagramEbmEbm            A chord diagramGbGb

(VERSE) (A chord diagramAbAb) (A chord diagramEbmEbm) Daddy's little soldier boy
(A chord diagramGbGb) Mama's little pride and joy (A chord diagramAbAb)
(A chord diagramEbmEbm) Both hands on her apron strings
"Don't (A chord diagramGbGb) you touch that dirty thing" (A chord diagramAbAb)
A chord diagramA augmentedA (A chord diagramEbmEbm) warning signal from above
In (A chord diagramGbGb) spection with a clean white glove (A chord diagramAbAb)
They say (A chord diagramEbmEbm) that opposites attract like (A chord diagramGbGb) right and wrong  (A chord diagramAbAb)
Black on (A chord diagramEbmEbm) black

(CHORUS) Like pleasure and a little pain (A chord diagramGbGb)
The (A chord diagramAbAb) sacred and profane (A chord diagramEbmEbm)
Ice and fire counter (A chord diagramGbGb) act like (A chord diagramAbAb) black on black

(VERSE) The oldest story known to man
The willing sacrificial lamb
Behind the light a shadow falls
The code of silence shakes the walls
A chord diagramA augmentedA whisper to a silent scream
The power is so frightening
They say that opposites attract like right and wrong
Black on black


(VERSE) Some things seem so sacred
Like a loaded question the power of suggestion
Like the face of danger the kindness of a stranger
Like a Judas Kiss like pleasure and a little pain
Immaculate seduction absolute corruption
Ice and fire counteract no turning back like black on black
Black on black.
Black on black

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Black On Black' by Heart, a classic rock band formed in 1973 from Vancouver, Canada. Heart is known for their good natured rock/pop music.

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