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Hayden tabs for Assignment in space with rip foster

Assignment In Space With Rip Foster tab by Hayden

Hayden tabs for Assignment in space with rip foster

Tabs with lyrics

From [email protected] Sun Mar  9 21:22:37 1997

>Transcribed by Ryan Ellis Robertson, Esq. at: [email protected]

Here's an interesting little tune:

First, tune down a full step.  Then, tune your low Chord diagramE MajorE ( which is now a Chord diagramD MajorD)
down to an Chord diagramFF ( I think).  The way I tell is to go to the fourteenth fret;
it should be the same as the next string which is now a G.  Your next
step is to lower the high Chord diagramE MajorE sting(which is also now a Chord diagramD MajorD) down to a C.  I
hope you're following me.  It isn't that complicated if you actually sit
down and do it.  It should look like this:

Chord diagramC majorC|--------------------0------0-------------------|
Chord diagramA augmentedA|--------------------0------0-------------------|
Chord diagramFF|-----------------7--0------0-------------------|
Chord diagramC majorC|-------------------------7-0-------------------|
Chord diagramG+G|------5--------------------------5--5>7-5------|
Chord diagramFF|------0----------------------------------------|
repeat ('>' means that it's a hammer-on)

The "chorus" goes a little like this:

Chord diagramC majorC|-------------------------------------------|
Chord diagramA augmentedA|--------5----------0-----------------------|
Chord diagramFF|--------5----------0-----------------------|
Chord diagramC majorC|--------5----------0-----------------------|
Chord diagramG+G|--------7----------2-----------------------|
Chord diagramFF|--------5----------0-----------------------|

And at the end of the chorus, you may want to throw in a slide on the
low Chord diagramFF up to the 12th fret.

At the end, Hayden mellows out a little, and it goes like this:

Chord diagramC majorC|-------------0------0---------------|
Chord diagramA augmentedA|-------------0------0---------------|
Chord diagramFF|----------7--0------0---------------|
Chord diagramC majorC|-----------------7--0---------------|
Chord diagramG+G|-----5-------------------5--5>7--5--|
Chord diagramFF|------------------------------------|

You may be thinking, "What a mess."  But there are some good things here.
First off, i didn't screw up any lyrics.  Second, Hayden himself said in
an interview that he doesn't remember how to play this, so he can't
correct me.  If I've just confused you here, please write me and I'll try
to make more sense of it. If you want, you can keep your guitar in
standard tuning, and just tune down the two Chord diagramE MajorE strings.  Remember, the low
6 string should be equal to the 5 string at the 14th fret, and the high 1
string should be the same as the high 2 string on the 3rd fret.  That's
how I tune it. I hope that doesn't make things even more confusing.
Anyway, have fun with it.

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