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Juliana Hatfield chords and tabs

Juliana Hatfield tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Juliana Hatfield. Learn songs like Hole In The Sky, I Got No Idols, The Edge Of Nowhere, The Fact Remains and Universal Heartbeat easy.

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Song title Type
Close Your Eyes AcousticGuitar Chords
EnemyGuitar Chords
Everybody Loves Me But YouGuitar Chords
Hole In The SkyGuitar Chords
I Got No IdolsGuitar Chords
I Got No IdolsGuitar Tabs
I See YouGuitar Tabs
Law Of NatureGuitar Chords
Live On TomorrowGuitar Chords
Might Be In LoveGuitar Chords
My SisterGuitar Tabs
NirvanaGuitar Chords
Now I'm GoneGuitar Chords
SunshineGuitar Chords
The Edge Of NowhereGuitar Chords
The Fact RemainsGuitar Chords
Trying Not To Think About ItGuitar Chords
UglyGuitar Tabs
Universal HeartbeatGuitar Chords
Universal HeartbeatGuitar Tabs