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Hatebreed bass tabs for This is now

Bass tabs

0:10	b{---540-56---540-45---540-56---5---00000000---}

0:33	e{-----7-6-4---}

0:33	b{---540-56---540-45---540-56---5---00000000---}

0:53	b{---540-56---540-45---540-56---5---00000000---}

1:14	e{-------7-6-4---}

1:14	b{---540-56---540-45---540-56---5---00000000---}

1:36	b{---540-56---540-45---540-56---5---00000000---}

2:07	b{---6546--0-000-0-000---}

2:50	e{-------7-6-4---}

2:50	b{---540-56---540-45---540-56---5---00000000---}

3:12	b{---540-56---540-45---540-56---5---00000000---}

This is basically it! You can switch up on the lines that have the same times.

tunning is dunno but for only the last two strings which are ' 'e'b

compliments to bassbeeatch

thanks satan

Almost there ...

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