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PJ Harvey chords for Rub til it bleeds

Guitar chords with lyrics

Rub 'Til It Bleeds  -  P.J. Harvey
transcribed by : Joe Lupo

Chords used:
 A chord diagramG5G5    A#5/F C5/G  A chord diagramF5F5    Gm11( )

(slide between chords)
Group 1:
	A chord diagramG5G5       A#5/F    A chord diagramG5G5       A#5/F
	/  ////  /  ////  /  ////  /  ////
Group 2:
	C5/G     A chord diagramF5F5       C5/G     A chord diagramF5F5
	/  ////  /  ////  /  ////  /  ////
Group 3:
	A chord diagramGm11Gm11
	/  ///xx  / ///xx  /  ///xx  / ///xx

Music notes:
	-The verse music for verses 1 and 2 basically consists of alternating
	between group 2 and group 1 four times ending with group one playing
	twice instead of once.
	-For verse 3 you stop on the first C5/G of the fourth alternation,
	allow a little bit of silence for the line "God's truth.." and then
	jump right into the chorus music.
	-The chorus music is groups 3 and 1 alternating with distorted guitar
	playing too, it also ends with group 1 playing twice instead of once.
	-The ending is just group 1 distorted over and over finally ending on
	the A chord diagramG5G5 with feedback.

	(verse music, fade in)

verse 1

verse 2


verse 3



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