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PJ Harvey chords and tabs

PJ Harvey tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by PJ Harvey. Learn songs like A Place For Us, Good Fortune, Medicinals, This Is Love and You Said Something easy.

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Song title Type
A Dog Called MoneyGuitar Chords
A Place For UsGuitar Chords
AngeleneGuitar Chords
Ballad Of The Soldiers WifeGuitar Chords
Bitter BranchesGuitar Chords
Chain Of KeysGuitar Chords
Cmon BillyBass Tabs
Cmon BillyGuitar Chords
Dance On The MountainGuitar Chords
Darker Days Of Me And HimGuitar Tabs
Desperate Kingdom Of LoveGuitar Chords
Desperate Kingdom Of Love UkuleleGuitar Chords
Down By The WaterBass Tabs
Down By The WaterGuitar Chords
Down By The WaterGuitar Tabs
DressGuitar Chords
DryGuitar Tabs
FountainGuitar Tabs
Good FortuneBass Tabs
Good FortuneGuitar Chords
Good Fortune (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Grow Grow GrowGuitar Chords
Hardly WaitGuitar Chords
HookGuitar Tabs
I Can Hardly WaitGuitar Chords
I Think I'm A MotherGuitar Tabs
I'll Be WaitingGuitar Chords
Is This DesireGuitar Chords
JoeGuitar Chords
KamikazeGuitar Chords
LegsGuitar Chords
Let England ShakeGuitar Chords
Long Snake MoanGuitar Chords
Long Snake MoanGuitar Tabs
Man-sizedGuitar Chords
MedicinalsGuitar Chords
MissedGuitar Chords
Naked CousinGuitar Chords
Near The Memorials To Vietnam And LincolnGuitar Chords
O StellaGuitar Chords
Oh My LoverGuitar Chords
One LineGuitar Chords
Plants And RagsGuitar Chords
ReelingGuitar Chords
Rid Of MeGuitar Chords
River AnacostiaGuitar Chords
Rub Til It BleedsGuitar Chords
Send His Love To MeGuitar Chords
Sheila Na GigGuitar Tabs
Sheila-na-gigGuitar Chords
Sixteen Fifteen FourteenGuitar Chords
TecloGuitar Tabs
The CampGuitar Chords
The Community Of HopeGuitar Chords
The Community Of Hope (Ver2)Guitar Chords
The Crowded CellGuitar Chords
The DancerGuitar Tabs
The FallingGuitar Chords
The Glorious LandGuitar Chords
The Last Living RoseGuitar Chords
The LetterGuitar Tabs
The Ministry Of DefenceBass Tabs
The Ministry Of DefenceGuitar Chords
The Ministry Of Social AffairsGuitar Chords
The WheelGuitar Chords
The Wheel (Ver2)Guitar Chords
This Is LoveGuitar Chords
This Mess Were InGuitar Chords
This Mess Were InGuitar Tabs
To Bring You My LoveGuitar Chords
To Bring You My LoveGuitar Tabs
VictoryGuitar Chords
You Said SomethingGuitar Chords
You Said SomethingGuitar Tabs
Yuri GGuitar Tabs