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Ben Harper chords and tabs

Ben Harper tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Ben Harper. Learn songs like More Than Sorry, Power Of The Gospel, Power Of The Gospel Acoustic, Show Me A Little Shame and Suzie Blue (Ver2) easy.

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Song title Type
AloneGuitar Chords
AloneGuitar Tabs
Amen OmenGuitar Chords
Amen OmenGuitar Tabs
Another Lonely DayGuitar Chords
Another Lonely DayGuitar Tabs
Beloved OneGuitar Chords
Break Your HeartGuitar Chords
Brown Eyed BluesBass Tabs
Brown Eyed BluesGuitar Chords
Burn One DownGuitar Chords
Burn One DownGuitar Tabs
Burn To ShineGuitar Tabs
By My SideGuitar Chords
Cloud NineGuitar Chords
Dance Like FireGuitar Chords
Diamonds On The InsideGuitar Chords
Diamonds On The InsideGuitar Tabs
Don't Give Up On Me NowGuitar Chords
Don't Let Me DisappearGuitar Chords
Engraved InvitationGuitar Chords
Eso Es El AmorGuitar Chords
Excuse Me MrGuitar Tabs
FadedGuitar Chords
Fight For Your MindGuitar Chords
Fight Outta YouGuitar Tabs
ForeverGuitar Tabs
Gather Round The StoneGuitar Tabs
Give A Man A HomeGuitar Chords
Give A Man A HomeGuitar Tabs
Glory And ConsequenceGuitar Chords
Gold To MeGuitar Chords
Good Luck/boa SorteGuitar Chords
Ground On DownGuitar Tabs
Happy Everafter In Your EyesGuitar Chords
Homeless ChildGuitar Tabs
How Many Mile Must We MarchGuitar Tabs
I Shall Not Walk AloneGuitar Chords
I Shall Not Walk AloneGuitar Tabs
I Want To Be ReadyGuitar Chords
I Will Not Be BrokenGuitar Chords
In The ColorsBass Tabs
In Your EyesGuitar Chords
Keep It Together So I Can Fall ApartGuitar Tabs
Learn It All Again TomorrowGuitar Tabs
LifelineGuitar Tabs
More Than SorryGuitar Chords
Need To Know BasisGuitar Chords
Never Leave Lonely AloneGuitar Tabs
Never Leave Lonely Alone (ver 2)Guitar Tabs
Not Fire Not IceGuitar Tabs
Number ThreeGuitar Tabs
OppresionGuitar Chords
OppresionGuitar Tabs
OppressionGuitar Tabs
Please BleedGuitar Chords
Please BleedGuitar Tabs
Please Don T Talk About Murder While I M EatingGuitar Chords
Please Me Like You Want ToGuitar Tabs
Pleasure And PainGuitar Tabs
Power Of The GospelGuitar Chords
Power Of The GospelGuitar Tabs
Power Of The Gospel AcousticGuitar Chords
Roses From My FriendsGuitar Chords
Sexual HealingGuitar Chords
She Is Only Happy In The SunGuitar Chords
She's Only Happy In The SunGuitar Chords
Shimmer And ShineGuitar Chords
Show Me A Little ShameGuitar Tabs
Steal All My Kisses From YouGuitar Tabs
Steal My KissesGuitar Chords
Suzie BlueGuitar Chords
Suzie Blue (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Suzie Blue UkuleleGuitar Chords
Sweet Home ChicagoGuitar Chords
The Bottle Wins Again AcousticGuitar Chords
The Bottle Wins Again Acoustic LiveGuitar Chords
The Drugs Don't WorkGuitar Tabs
The Three Of UsGuitar Tabs
The Woman In YouGuitar Tabs
The Word SuicideGuitar Chords
The Word SuicideGuitar Tabs
Two Hands Of A PrayerGuitar Tabs
Uneven DaysGuitar Chords
Waiting On A SignGuitar Tabs
Waiting On An AngelGuitar Tabs
Walk AwayGuitar Chords
Walk AwayGuitar Tabs
Whipping BoyGuitar Tabs
Wicked ManGuitar Chords
Widow Of A Living ManGuitar Chords
Will To LiveGuitar Tabs
Woman In YouGuitar Tabs