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First Lady  From Gascd by Sarah Harmer

First Lady From Gascd chords by Sarah Harmer

Chords with lyrics

First Lady by Sarah Harmer (from the GASCD set)

[Chord diagramA minorAm]There’s a major merger that’s [Chord diagramC majorC]going down,
[Chord diagramA minorAm]Lines are blurred,[Chord diagramC majorC]
[Chord diagramA minorAm]Democracy rides [Chord diagramC majorC]with the top down,
[Chord diagramA minorAm]Isnt’ that what I’ve [Chord diagramC majorC]heard,

[Chord diagramA minorAm]Look, who’s sitting be[Chord diagramC majorC]side the first lady?
[Chord diagramA minorAm]Chairman of the [Chord diagramC majorC]board, in  ? ?
[Chord diagramA minorAm]Look, who’s sitting [Chord diagramC majorC]beside the first lady?
[Chord diagramA minorAm]At every channel, at [Chord diagramC majorC]every hour.

Every hour  [times 4]

If you don’t [Chord diagramG+G]look[Chord diagramD MajorD] while you’re[Chord diagramC majorC] being put under,
[Chord diagramG+G]You [Chord diagramD MajorD]can’t [Chord diagramC majorC]refuse to be -
[Chord diagramE minorEm]If you’ve got any [Chord diagramD MajorD]questions [Chord diagramC majorC]there’s a toll free number
to some [Chord diagramG+G]phone booth [Chord diagramD MajorD]at the [Chord diagramC majorC]ministry,

[Chord diagramA minorAm]Innoculation [Chord diagramC majorC]to all corners,
[Chord diagramA minorAm]Spread ‘em wide, [Chord diagramC majorC]the darkening
[Chord diagramA minorAm]keep an eye [Chord diagramC majorC]for evil Foriegners,
[Chord diagramA minorAm]Saturated [Chord diagramC majorC]fatty lies

Fatty Lies [times 4]

Chorus [times 2]

Missing a word or two (the  ? ?). Enjoy - transcribed by Poco Norte

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