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Haken chords for As death embraces

Guitar chords

Fm/Ab   Bb5(add9) A chord diagramF/CF/C      A chord diagramDbMaj9Dbmaj9
For.... give      my daily sins
Fm/Ab  Gbmaj7(#11) A chord diagramFF        Cm/Db
Seal   them        under my skin
A chord diagramF/AF/A    Bb5(add9)  Fm/C.         A chord diagramDbMaj9Dbmaj9
   For once       I watched you fly
Dm11(b5) A chord diagramDbMaj9Dbmaj9 Fm/C         Bb5(add9)  A chord diagramBb majorBb    Fm(add9)
Lea     ving    your wings behind
    A chord diagramCm9Cm9     Gbmaj13(#11)   F(add9) Bbm6/Db     Gbmaj9(#11) A chord diagramGm11Gm11 A chord diagramC7/EC7/E Fm(add9)
The path of fate               has gone astray
    A chord diagramCm11Cm11 Cm11/G Cm11/Bb  Gbmaj13(#11)  A chord diagramAb6Ab6 Gbmaj13 F(add9)
The brigh       test     skies

     Bbm6/Db        Gbmaj7(#11)
have turned to grey

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