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HAIM chords and tabs

HAIM tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by HAIM. Learn songs like Forever, Let Me Go, Little Of Your Love, Right Now and Strong Enough Cover easy.

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Song title Type
3amBass Tabs
3amGuitar Chords
Days Are GoneGuitar Tabs
Don't WannaBass Tabs
Don't WannaGuitar Chords
Don't WannaGuitar Tabs
FallingGuitar Chords
FallingGuitar Tabs
Figure It OutGuitar Tabs
ForeverGuitar Chords
ForeverGuitar Tabs
FubtGuitar Chords
FubtGuitar Tabs
GasolineBass Tabs
GasolineGuitar Chords
Go SlowGuitar Chords
Go SlowGuitar Intro
Go Slow AcousticGuitar Chords
HallelujahGuitar Chords
HallelujahGuitar Tabs
Honey And IBass Tabs
Honey And IGuitar Solo
Honey IGuitar Chords
I Know AloneGuitar Chords
I've Been DownGuitar Chords
Kept Me CryingGuitar Chords
Leaning On YouBass Tabs
Leaning On YouGuitar Chords
Leaning On YouGuitar Solo
Leaning On You (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Let Me GoGuitar Tabs
Little Of Your LoveGuitar Chords
Little Of Your LoveGuitar Tabs
Lost TrackGuitar Chords
Man From The MagazineGuitar Chords
My Song 5Bass Tabs
My Song 5Guitar Tabs
Night So LongGuitar Chords
Nothings WrongGuitar Chords
Nothings WrongGuitar Tabs
Now I'm In ItGuitar Chords
Ready For YouGuitar Chords
Right NowGuitar Chords
Right NowGuitar Tabs
Something To Tell YouBass Tabs
StopGuitar Tabs
Strong Enough CoverGuitar Tabs
Summer GirlGuitar Chords
That Don't Impress Me MuchGuitar Chords
That Don't Impress Me MuchGuitar Tabs
The StepsBass Tabs
The StepsGuitar Chords
The StepsGuitar Tabs
The Steps (Ver2)Guitar Chords
The Steps (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
The WireGuitar Chords
The WireGuitar Tabs
Throwing It All AwayGuitar Tabs
Walking AwayGuitar Chords
Want You BackBass Tabs
Want You BackGuitar Chords
Waters Running DryGuitar Chords
When We Were YoungGuitar Tabs
Wrecking BallGuitar Tabs
XoGuitar Tabs
You Never KnewBass Tabs
You Never KnewGuitar Chords