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Merle Haggard guitar chords for Holding things together

Holding Things Together chords

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Holding Things Together chords by Merle Haggard

Guitar chords with lyrics


Words and music by Merle Haggard

CAPO: 1st FRET  KEY: Bb chord diagramBbBb  PLAY: A chord diagramAA
[A chord diagramAA] HOLDING [E chord diagramEE] THINGS [A chord diagramAA] TOGETHER
Ain't ..[A7 chord diagramA7A7] ..[D chord diagramDD] do
When ..[A chord diagramAA] children
It's ..[E chord diagramEE] two
[A chord diagramAA] Alice [E chord diagramEE][A chord diagramAA]lieve me
I ..[A7 chord diagramA7A7] ..[D chord diagramDD] on
Holding .. [A chord diagramAA] .. [E chord diagramEE]
With .. [A chord diagramAA] gone.

Today .. [E chord diagramEE] ..[A chord diagramAA] birthday
I ..[A7 chord diagramA7A7] ..[D chord diagramDD] mind
I ..[A chord diagramAA] ..
But ..[E chord diagramEE] time
But ..[A chord diagramAA] ..[E chord diagramEE] ..[A chord diagramAA] present
I ..[A7 chord diagramA7A7]  ..[D chord diagramDD] ago
I ..[A chord diagramAA] mama
So [E chord diagramEE] ..[A chord diagramAA] know.


Alice ..
I ..
With ...

Note.  From Merle Haggard and The Strangers
       Presents His 30th Album
       1974 Capitol Records

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