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Merle Haggard guitar chords for Ghost story

Guitar chords with lyrics

A chord diagramAbAb							    A chord diagramEb MajorEb
I've seen how you tremble whenever he walks through your mind
Stirring up memories that cloud up your eyes
          A chord diagramC#C#                         A chord diagramAbAb
Where the light of our love ought to shine

A chord diagramAbAb                          A chord diagramAb7Ab7
I know that he hurt you and hurt you so bad,
                          A chord diagramC#C#
He must have been going insane
    A chord diagramEb MajorEb
Now I finally learned how to hold you together
                           A chord diagramAbAb
When somebody mentions his name
     A chord diagramC#C#
He's just a ghost story so don't let him scare you
                              A chord diagramAbAb
He's not really there like he seems
    A chord diagramEb MajorEb
And tonight when I hold you I'll hold you so close
                                A chord diagramAbAb
I'll love him right out of your dreams

I'm sure that he's called you and told you that our love can't last
But don't you believe him 'cause honey he's wrong
He's never been right in the past

So don't let him haunt you and tell you those lies
He just can't admit that you're free
The next time he calls you just hand me the phone
And see if he'll say that to me


by: José Duarte

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