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Sammy Hagar tabs for One way to rock

Guitar tabs with lyrics

One Way To Rock
Sammy Hagar

Additional chords added by David Vest <davidvest@uswest.net>


The main riff is the heart of the song.  Thanks to Michael Rees
<mrees@msmary.edu> for transcribing/submitting it.  Here are some
of the other chords used in the song.

All chords are "power chords" as best I can tell.  For example the
higher "E"s mentioned below are on the 2nd string.

Start the song by hitting the A chord diagramE MajorE chord and sliding it down the neck then
launch into the main riff.

During the "There's only one way to rock" chorus the main riff is played
and followed by:
A chord diagramC#C#
Then riff again and
A chord diagramC#C# A chord diagramD MajorD A chord diagramE MajorE   <-------power chords starting on 4th, 5th, then 7th fret 2nd string.

"Now quickly, check the hands, on the clock. Its 8:05. Its time to rock"                   A chord diagramG#G#                          A chord diagramA augmentedA             A chord diagramE MajorE              A chord diagramF#F#

"'n this World can disagree..."
  A chord diagramE MajorE

  Here is my first ever submission.  It is no triumph, but expands a
touch on the song a teensy bit.  The original file I found on your site
is incorporated and credited.  Unfortunately, I'll bet there's something
I didn't get right, but please don't dock too many cool-points.  I'm
trying here! ;)

Thanks for the great forum,
  David Vest

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