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Marika Hackman chords and tabs

Marika Hackman tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Marika Hackman. Learn songs like Claudes Girl, Conventional Ride, Deep Green, Wanderlust and You Come Down easy.

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Song title Type
81Guitar Chords
All NightBass Tabs
AmGuitar Chords
Animal FearGuitar Chords
Apple TreeGuitar Chords
Bath Is BlackGuitar Tabs
Bath Is Black AcousticGuitar Chords
Before I SleepGuitar Chords
Before I SleepGuitar Tabs
Between The BarsGuitar Chords
CannibalGuitar Tabs
CigaretteGuitar Chords
CigaretteGuitar Tabs
Cigarette UkuleleGuitar Chords
Claudes GirlGuitar Chords
Claudes GirlGuitar Tabs
Come UndoneBass Tabs
Conventional RideGuitar Tabs
Deep GreenGuitar Chords
Deep GreenGuitar Tabs
DrownGuitar Tabs
I Follow RiversGuitar Chords
I'd Rather Be With ThemGuitar Chords
I'll Borrow TimeGuitar Chords
I'm Not Where You AreGuitar Chords
I'm Not Where You AreGuitar Intro
Let Me In AcousticGuitar Tabs
My Lover CindyGuitar Tabs
My Lover CindyGuitar Intro
O Come O Come EmmanuelGuitar Chords
OpheliaGuitar Chords
PlansGuitar Tabs
Retina TelevisionGuitar Tabs
Retina Television AcousticGuitar Tabs
Send My LoveGuitar Chords
So LongGuitar Chords
The OneGuitar Chords
Times Been RecklessGuitar Intro
Undone UndressGuitar Chords
WanderlustGuitar Chords
WolfGuitar Chords
You Come DownGuitar Chords