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H.E.R. chords and tabs

H.E.R. tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by H.E.R.. Learn songs like Be On My Way Interlude, Going (interlude), Hold On, Lord Is Coming and Wrong Places easy.

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Song title Type
21Guitar Chords
Be On My Way InterludeGuitar Chords
Bloody WatersBass Tabs
Come ThroughGuitar Chords
ComfortableGuitar Chords
ComfortableGuitar Tabs
Could've BeenGuitar Chords
FateGuitar Chords
Fight For YouGuitar Chords
For AnyoneGuitar Chords
FreeGuitar Chords
Going (interlude)Guitar Chords
Good To MeGuitar Chords
Hard PlaceGuitar Chords
Hard Place UkuleleGuitar Chords
Hold OnBass Tabs
Hold OnGuitar Chords
Hold OnGuitar Tabs
Hold Us TogetherGuitar Chords
I Can't BreatheGuitar Chords
Lord Is ComingGuitar Tabs
SometimesGuitar Chords
The Lay DownGuitar Chords
Wrong PlacesGuitar Chords
Wrong PlacesGuitar Tabs