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Artist Sang Type
Charli XcxSuperloveBass tabs
Charli XcxSuperloveChords
Charli XcxTake My HandChords
Charli XcxTearsChords
Charli XcxThe One I Die 4Chords
Charli XcxThoughtsChords
Charli XcxTwiceChords
Charli XcxUnlock ItChords
Charli XcxUsed To Know MeChords
Charli XcxUsed To Know Me (Ver2)Chords
Charli XcxUsed To Know Me (Ver3)Chords
Charli XcxVisionsChords
Charli XcxVroom VroomChords
Charli XcxVroom VroomTabs
Charli XcxWarmChords
Charli XcxWhat I LikeChords
Charli XcxWhat You Think About MeChords
Charli XcxWhite MercedesChords
Charli XcxWhite Mercedes (Ver2)Chords
Charli XcxWhite RosesChords
Charli XcxYou Ha Ha HaChords
Charli XcxYoure The One AcousticChords
Charli XcxYuckChords
China CrisisArizona SkyChords
China CrisisHere Comes A RaincloudChords
China CrisisStrength Of CharacterBass tabs
China CrisisThe Arizona SkyChords
Christine And The Queens5 DollarsChords
Christine And The QueensDamn Dis MoiChords
Christine And The QueensEyes Of A ChildChords
Christine And The QueensGirlfriendChords
Christine And The QueensHalf LadiesChords
Christine And The QueensItBass tabs
Christine And The QueensJe Te Vois EnfinChords
Christine And The QueensMake Some SenseChords
Christine And The QueensNo Harm Is DoneChords
Christine And The QueensNuit 17 A 52Chords
Christine And The QueensParadis PerdusChords
Christine And The QueensPeople Ive Been SadChords
Christine And The QueensSaint ClaudeChords
Christine And The QueensTiltedChords
Christine And The QueensUgly-pretty UkuleleChords
Christine And The QueensWhats-her-faceChords
ChromaticsBurning BridgesChords
ChromaticsCherryBass tabs
ChromaticsGirls Just Wanna Have SomeChords
ChromaticsIm On FireChords
ChromaticsInto The BlackChords
ChromaticsKill For LoveChords
ChromaticsKill For LoveTabs
ChromaticsTime RiderChords
ChromeoBedroom CallingChords
ChromeoDont Walk AwayChords
ChromeoIm Not ContagiousChords
ChromeoJealous I Aint With ItChords
ChromeoMommas BoyChords
ChromeoMustve BeenChords
ChromeoNeedy Girl AcousticTabs
ChromeoNight By NightBass tabs
ChromeoOver Your ShoulderChords
ChvrchesAfterglow (Ver2)Chords
ChvrchesAsking For A FriendBass tabs
ChvrchesAsking For A FriendChords
ChvrchesBetter If You DontChords
ChvrchesBitter EndChords
ChvrchesBow DownChords
ChvrchesBury ItChords
ChvrchesBy The ThroatChords
ChvrchesBy The Throat UkuleleChords
ChvrchesClearest BlueChords
ChvrchesDead AirChords
ChvrchesDeath StrandingChords
ChvrchesDeliverance (Ver2)Chords
ChvrchesDo I Wanna KnowChords
ChvrchesDown Side Of MeChords
ChvrchesFinal GirlBass tabs
ChvrchesFinal GirlChords
ChvrchesFinal GirlTabs
ChvrchesGet AwayChords
ChvrchesGet OutChords
ChvrchesGods PlanChords
ChvrchesGravesBass tabs
ChvrchesGunBass tabs
ChvrchesHe Said She SaidChords
ChvrchesHeaven HellChords
ChvrchesHow Not To DrownChords
ChvrchesLeave A TraceChords
ChvrchesLeave A Trace AcousticChords
ChvrchesLiesBass tabs